Press Kit


If you are legal media looking for information and documents to talk about HABTAM, here is our presskit.


HABTAM is an eCommerce, a business and lifestyle magazine, and an online TV founded on January 8, 2018, G.C by Ephrem Firew Asrat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Currently, HABTAM is selling brand products, publishing articles mainly in business and lifestyle categories, and serving best videos by sharing from different reliable sources. HABTAM also covers fashion, travel, food, health, money, finance, marriage, and other categories.

HABTAM is available worldwide as a multilingual magazine, publishing articles for all business types and communities in order to help them achieve their goals and to make them successful.

Our contributors are highly motivated and experienced in business and lifestyle categories. So every article that will be published on HABTAM is really helpful for targeted readers.

Our Logo

Our logos and icon files are available only for media coverage. You cannot use our logos or icon files for any other purpose. PLEASE NOTE: If you use our icon, you must use one of our logo along with our icon. If you use one of our logos, you are NOT forced to use our icon.

HABTAM Logo Files


  • If you are a media, you can use our logo and icon without asking for a request from HABTAM.
  • If you are NOT a media, but interested to use our logo or icon as stated in the above section, please send us your request via HabtamOfficial(at) (Remove the brackets).