Contributors Terms and Conditions

  1. You must select the appropriate plan.
  2. You must agree with our commission rate for each plan.
  3. You must pay the total fee for each plan.
  4. You must agree that our website design service is one-time.
  5. You must agree that we can change these terms and conditions anytime we want.
  6. We don’t refund. So select the appropriate plan.


You must read this!

To become a contributor, use our form below. After reviewing your request, we will decide whether to accept you or not as a contributor. If you are accepted, you will receive a success email from us and your account will be upgraded to a contributor account, so you can see article submission options. If you want to change your plan, click here.

After approval, if you are a FREE contributor, you are expected to submit your articles actively. In addition to that, you are considered as highly skilled and experienced contributor, so your articles must follow the contributors terms and conditions as stated here. If you are a standard user, you are expected to pay the fee for each article you submitted via the form. You are also responsible for your articles, especially to submit high quality topics. Don’t forget to follow as stated in the contributor terms and conditions.

For personal requests using this form, we do not send any email means they are automatically rejected! If you want to contact us, use our email address from our About page.

NOTE: The form may open in a new tab or window and require you to sign in using your Google account. If the partnership request form is inaccessible, refresh the page and try again.